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Enterprise mission
Focus on the challenges and pressures of small and medium-sized customers, continue to create maximum value for customers. So that the largest shareholder returns, win-win cooperation with partners, team members to the best display platform
Enterprise purpose
To create the maximum value for customers with quality and quantity of the brand
Do the quality and quantity of the brand our employees create extraordinary
Team concept
The enterprise is a running machine, each employee is a part of the machine
Strategic objectives
Efficient enterprise, Chinese brand
Enterprise strategy
Around the customer, based on the quality of the revitalization of the brand, expand the market,
Progressive view
Thousands of miles of travel, starting at the foot. A thousand.
Professional cultivation
Not conservative, combined with the actual creative work; not self enclosed, learning new knowledge, new ideas; not impetuous exaggerated, self determined to become a heavy industry; not instant success, quality and sustainable development; not only to see the faults of others, and find their own shortcomings;
Marketing concept
We are now serving the customer to bring us not only the immediate interests, but more importantly, behind the broader market. In the face of their requirements for excellence, as long as we do to satisfy them, which may give us a broader market
Crisis View
This is a vying society, the crisis is always there. A lack of a sense of crisis of the enterprise, it is not a competitive good business. The concept of enterprise crisis requires each employee to learn to take responsibility for their own failure, the pressure is the driving force
Employment view
Germany and was the first German.
Management policy
Innovation mechanism, perfect self management, improve efficiency. Institutionalized management model. Play a unique rule of man Charm
Management policy
In the face of fierce market competition, respect for customers, win-win cooperation and development
Enterprise spirit
Excellence, to serve the country industry
Corporate slogan
MAKO and my responsibility